Why Should I Hire A Plumber? Can A Plumber Install A Kitchen Sink?

kitchen plumbing
kitchen plumbing

Many of us wondered if plumbing technicians set up sinks? And the answer is yes, plumbers can install sinks. While your first image of a plumber is most likely a person working or installing a bathroom on clogged-up pipes, they’re also the perfect person to replace your sink.

Who better disconnect pipes, clear drain lines, and install new pipes? Can you think about a person better suited to ensure you that there are no leakages or clogged after your new sink is in place? The kitchen plumbing can do more than just pipes.

Let’s take a look at the steps to install a sink to make sure that you have a better understanding of why a plumber is an optimal person to replace your sink.

1. Prep work

Before you remove your old sink, you’ll need to buy a new one. The majority of sinks are either a single basin or a dual, so choose whichever you want.

No matter the design of the sink you want, it’s best that the one is at least as huge as the old one, if not larger. If the new sink is smaller than the one it’s replacing, you’ll have voids around the edges.

2. Remove of Old Sink

Capture a few images of the pipes under your sink before you start taking them apart. If you’re not an expert plumber, you may forget where and how points attach. When your new sink is in place, you’ll enjoy having images to recommend. Your first step is to turn off the cold and hot water, either under your sink or for your entire home. It would be a great time to turn off its power circuit if you have waste disposal. As soon as the water is off, switch on the tap to release pressure and water in the line.

Next off, use a blade to cut the top of the sink from the countertop. Your counter should be clean and smooth to make sure there is a great bond with the new sink.

3. New Sink Installation

While your new sink is still beyond the countertop, attach the bottom clips. When you position the sink, make sure that all of the clips are turned internal so that you don’t bend them. Now is also a good time to install your new sink and other devices like a sprayer. Affixing your accessories is a lot easier before you put the sink into your kitchen countertop. You can affix rubber gaskets and the threaded flange on the bottom of the drainpipe.

Why Leave Sink Installation to a Plumber?

Since you’ve seen the steps of sink installation, are you still interested in doing it on your own? If you missed out on any single point, you could end up with a water leak, so it’s best to hire credible kitchen plumbing to do the setup for you.

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